Ananke Media Systems (AMS) designs photographic instruments that address the specific requirements of virtual photography in Second LifeTM. Our aim is to create efficient, effective tools that place the highest priority on virtual functionality so that you can focus on what matters: your photograph.

PhotoSpin: a revolutionary photo studio featuring a backdrop that can be resized and rotated on all three XYZ axes.


PhotoStage Vendor TT9 Dk Gry copy

PhotoStage: a powerful photo studio designed for modelling, portrait or still life shooting in Second LifeTM.


PhotoLite Vendor TT9 GR 02 copy

PhotoLite: a versatile photographic toolkit designed for on-location shooting.


PhotoTools Vendor 02 texture XStreet
PhotoTools Pro: a comprehensive package including PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoStand II.


PhotoStand II Vendor Image 02 blog
PhotoStand II: an advanced modelling stand for Second LifeTM photography, designed to work effectively with PhotoStage and PhotoLite.


Some remarks about our products:

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