PhotoLite is a photographic toolkit designed for on-location shooting in Second LifeTM.

PhotoLite employs a sophisticated, yet easy to use control system. Choose menu, HUD or chat commands to make precise adjustments to the position, colour or intensity of lighting, effects and gaze points.

PhotoLite will be useful for both on-location photography and machinima film-making.

PhotoLite Vendor TT9 GR 02 copy

For instructions on how to operate the PhotoLite, please click here: PhotoLite User’s Manual.

PhotoLite includes:

  • A set of six lights. Fully optimized for windlight. Gives precise control over light position, colour, intensity, fall-off and radius using your choice of menu, HUD or chat commands. The highly sophisticated intelligent positioning system allows you to locate each light precisely and independently anywhere on the X, Y, Z axes. Includes Show/Hide feature to make light prims invisible when you’re ready to shoot.
  • A set of six effects generators. Produces a range of visual effects, such as smoke, fog, glow or snow. Provides precise control over the position, colour, and density of the effects using menu, HUD or chat commands. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • A set of six gaze points. Allows you to adjust the direction of your model’s gaze. Positioning controlled by menu, HUD or chat commands. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • The PhotoStand II pose stand. Provides precision rotation and alignment. Comes with 60 modelling poses and allows you to add your own poses. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • PhotoLite HUD designed for ease of operation. Controls all components of PhotoLite: lights, effects and gaze points.
  • *Easy Touch* controls. Just click the backdrop or any rezzed light, effect generator or gaze point to get quick access to menus.
  • Low Prim Count. Imitation of real life objects has been deliberately kept to a minimum in order to maintain a low prim count. The lights, for example, are simple prim spheres that illuminate beautifully in a virtual environment. AMS believes what’s important is how the lighting enhances the subject, not how realistic the prim object itself appears.
  • Multiple channels. Allows you to rez multiple instances of the PhotoLite within close proximity of one another, with each being independently controlled.
  • Save settings. Allows you to save any configuration of backdrop, lights, effects and gaze points, which can be retrieved at any time to easily re-create your settings.
  • Security settings. Both PhotoLite and PhotoStand II can be easily customized to permit usage by only the owner, by a specified group, or by all users.
  • Lifetime Updates.

Price: 990L

You can find out more about PhotoLite pricing here.

You can purchase PhotoLite inworld at one of our stores: AMS @ Lady Vale (Lady Vale 112, 240, 301) or AMS @ Smaug (Smaug 220,232, 33). You can also purchase PhotoLite on SL Marketplace.

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  • 1. Teleo Aeon  |  2 April 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Well I have to say that PhotoLite is probably the Best software I have used on SL ‘and I have tried a lot’. The HUD interface is perfect and I am an interface obsessive. The speed at which the system responds shows just what an expert combo of scripting and HUD design exists under the hood of this wonderfull Tool. Very well done indeed. I am impressed 🙂

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    […] why many SL photographers opt for studio shooting. I recently took Ananke Media Systems‘ PhotoLite toolkit to the beach to see how this highly versatile system can enhance the look of images you […]

  • 3. On-Location Photography « Ananke Media Systems  |  17 July 2008 at 8:56 pm

    […] why many SL photographers opt for studio shooting. I recently took Ananke Media Systems‘ PhotoLite toolkit to the beach to see how this highly versatile system can enhance the look of images you […]

  • 4. mamachinima  |  19 April 2011 at 9:27 pm

    Looks good! Please come and demonstrate it to the machinima community, during MachinimaMondays? Just contact me in SecondLife and we pick a day and time?

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