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PhotoPro products let you add exciting optional features to improve and enhance your AMS photo systems.

PhotoPro Lights and Effects

For those who want to give their photo system a more professional appearance, we’ve created a set of realistic looking photographic lamps and effect generators. These carefully detailed and fully functional instruments are offered as an add-on to PhotoLite, PhotoSpin and PhotoStage. The sophisticated scripting of this PhotoPro Add-On also also allows you to switch between the original low prim set of lights and generators or the higher prim, detailed set.


PhotoPro Control Panels

These nifty panels give you quick access to all the key menus and controls for your photo system.  Now you can bypass the control box or sphere and go directly to the menus you need. Comes with three options: a floor stand, a floating panel, and a HUD.


Please note that these are not stand-alone devices. The PhotoPro Add-Ons work together with PhotoLite, PhotoStage, and Photospin.

Each PhotoPro Add-On is specific to the system to which it corresponds. For example, a PhotoLite Pro Add-On will only work with PhotoLite, and cannot be used with a PhotoStage system.  Please make sure you purchase the correct PhotoPro Add-On for your system. Since PhotoPro Add-Ons are sold as no-transfer items, it is not possible to provide refunds.

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