PhotoPro Lights/Effects Manual

The PhotoPro Lights/Effects Add-On allows you to rez realistic photographic lights and effects machines for PhotoLite, PhotoSpin and PhotoStage.

Please note that this is not a stand-alone device. The PhotoPro Add-Ons work in tandem with PhotoLite, PhotoStage, and Photospin.

Each PhotoPro Add-On is specific to the system to which it corresponds. For example, a PhotoLite Pro Add-On will only work with PhotoLite, and cannot be used with a PhotoStage system.  Please make sure you purchase the correct PhotoPro Add-On for your system. Since PhotoPro Add-Ons are sold as no-transfer items, it is not possible to provide refunds.

Set Up

  1. The PhotoPro Lights/Effects Add-On comes packaged in a box. Rez the box inworld, right-click it, select Open, and copy the contents to your inventory.
  2. Locate the Photo** Pro Lights/Effects folder in your inventory.
  3. Rez the object labelled Photo** Pro Lights/Effects Box or Sphere close to the control box/sphere of your PhotoLite, PhotoStage, or PhotoSpin.
  4. The Lights/Effects box or sphere will automatically establish a link with your system, reposition itself just above the control box/sphere, and then light up.


  1. When the Lights/Effects box or sphere is lit up, it means the unit is turned on, and your system will rez realistic looking photographic lights and effects machines.
  2. To rez the lights or effects, simply follow the procedures you would normally use to create lights and effects (see the User’s Manual for your PhotoLite, PhotoStage or PhotoSpin system for details).
  3. To turn off the realistic Lights/Effects, touch (left-click) the Lights/Effects box or sphere. The unit will go dim, indicating that it is now turned off.
  4. When the Lights/Effects unit is off, your system will rez the original low prim light globes and effects cylinders.
  5. To turn on the Lights/Effects unit again, touch (left-click) the Lights/Effects box or sphere.
  6. Note that you can use both the realistic and simple lights or effects simultaneously when working with your system. Since the realistic lights and effects machines are relatively high prim items, you may find it useful to work with both types to save on prims and minimize lag.


PhotoPro Add-Ons link to the control box/sphere of your PhotoLite, PhotoSpin or PhotoStage system, and operate in accordance with the settings established for the main, or parent system. Hence, if you have set the Users Allowed to Owner on your parent system, then the PhotoPro Add-On will also respond only to you, the Owner. (See Settings in the User’s Manual of your system for more information on changing Users Allowed settings.)

If you change the channel number on your parent system, you will also need to change it on the PhotoPro Add-On. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Edit the PhotoPro Lights/Effects box/sphere (right-click the unit, and select Edit).
  2. Select the Contents tab.
  3. Right-click the Channel note card, select Rename.
  4. After the = sign, type in the same channel number as the parent system.
  5. Press enter to save the new setting.
  6. Wait a few seconds for the setting to take effect, and then close the Edit window. Your PhotoPro Lights/Effects unit will now communicate on the same channel as your parent system.


Ananke Media Systems supports all its products. If you experience any problems with your PhotoPro Add-On, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do what we can to help you solve any issues. Please send an IM or notecard to Serenity Mercier inworld, or email We will do our best to get back to you promptly, usually within 24 hours.

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