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Available at the AMS Store @ Lady Vale or on SL Marketplace

Featuring a precision engineered backdrop, PhotoSpin is the only studio system in Second LifeTM that allows you to resize your backdrop to virtually any dimension, and then rotate the backdrop on any of the XYZ axes to achieve an optimal shooting angle. The highly sophisticated backdrop also ensures perfect texture alignments at any size or rotation.

PhotoSpin incorporates all the powerful photographic tools found in PhotoStage and PhotoLite, including Easy Touch access to dialog menus and a redesigned HUD to give you precise control over the backdrop, lights, effects, and gazers.

Offering unparalleled versatility and functionality, PhotoSpin marks a revolutionary advance in Second LifeTM studio photography.

You can try out a demo model of PhotoSpin, or purchase one of your own, at the new AMS Store @ Lady Vale [Lady Vale (105, 240, 401)] or on SL Marketplace.

For instructions on how to operate PhotoSpin, please click here: PhotoSpin User’s Manual.

PhotoSpin includes:

  • Backdrop Rotation: turn the backdrop in degree increments, or spin it continuously on any of the XYZ rotation axes.
  • Backdrop Resizing: resize the backdrop to virtually any size using PhotoSpin’s sophisticated scaling system.
  • Backdrop Textures: comes loaded with 59 textures (including exclusive textures by LeeZu Baxter of LeeZu! and GM Nikolaidis), plus the ability to add your own textures.
  • Backdrop Tiling: tile textures up to seven steps, including a base step that places the texture across the entire backdrop. PhotoSpin automatically aligns textures at any size, rotation or tiling.
  • Backdrop Colours: change colours  instantly and create custom colours easily. Any colour you can imagine, PhotoSpin can create.
  • Backdrop Appearance: adjust brightness and glow settings.
  • Lighting System: gives you precise control over light position, colour, intensity, fall-off and radius. The sophisticated intelligent positioning system allows you to locate each light precisely and independently anywhere on the XYZ axes. Includes show/hide feature to make lights invisible when you’re ready to shoot.
  • Effects System: produces a range of visual effects, such as smoke, fog, glow or snow. Provides precise control over the position, colour, and density of the effects, and includes the show/hide feature.
  • Gazers: easily adjust the direction of your model’s gaze with intelligent positioning. Includes the show/hide feature.
  • PhotoSpin HUD: designed for ease of operation, the HUD allows you to control all PhotoSpin’s operations conveniently using clean and clear controls.
  • PhotoStand II: comes with 60 modelling poses, and add your own poses easily. Allows you to rotate your model to obtain ideal shooting angles. Operates via HUD or menus, and includes the show/hide feature.
  • Low Prim: maintaining a low prim count and keeping lag to a minimum is fundamental to our design philosophy. Our lights, for example, are simple prim spheres and illuminate beautifully in a virtual environment.
  • Multiple channels: rez multiple instances of PhotoSpin and control each one independently.
  • Saved settings: save any configuration of backdrop, lights, effects and gazers, and reload them at any time to quickly restore your favorite studio setups.
  • Security settings: permit use by only the owner, by a specified group, or by all users.
  • Free minor version updates.

Price: 1990 L

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