PhotoStage is a powerful photo studio especially designed for photography in Second LifeTM. PhotoStage provides extraordinarily fine control over background, lighting and effects, using a sophisticated, yet intuitive control system that lets you focus on what matters: your subject.


PhotoStage Vendor TT9 Dk Gry copy

For instructions on how to operate the PhotoStage, please click here: PhotoStage User’s Manual.

PhotoStage includes:

  • Two backdrops – 12 & 16 metres. Allows you to instantly change colours, textures, texture tiling, brightness and glow by means of menu, HUD or chat commands. Includes 59 textures (including exclusive textures especially designed for AMS by LeeZu Baxter of LeeZu! and GM Nikolaidis) and the ability to add your own textures. Backdrop colours are fully customizable – any colour you can imagine, the PhotoStage can create.
  • A set of six lights. Fully optimized for windlight. Gives precise control over light position, colour, intensity, fall-off and radius using your choice of menu, HUD or chat commands. The highly sophisticated intelligent positioning system allows you to locate each light precisely and independently anywhere on the X, Y, Z axes. Includes Show/Hide feature to make light prims invisible when you’re ready to shoot.
  • A set of six effects generators. Produces a range of visual effects, such as smoke, fog, glow or snow. Provides precise control over the position, colour, and density of the effects using menu, HUD or chat commands. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • A set of six gaze points. Allows you to adjust the direction of your model’s gaze. Positioning controlled by menu, HUD or chat commands. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • The PhotoStand II pose stand. Provides precision rotation and alignment. Comes with 60 modelling poses and allows you to add your own poses. Includes Show/Hide feature.
  • PhotoStage HUD. Designed for ease of operation. Controls all components of the PhotoStage: backdrop, lights, effects and gaze points.
  • *Easy Touch* controls. Just click the backdrop or any rezzed light, effect generator or gaze point to get quick access to menus.
  • Low Prim Count. We have deliberately kept imitation of real life objects to a minimum in order to maintain a low prim count. Our lights, for example, are simple prim spheres that illuminate beautifully in a virtual environment. We believe what’s important is how the lighting enhances the subject, not how realistic the prim object itself appears.
  • Multiple channels. Allows you to rez multiple instances of the PhotoStage within close proximity of one another, with each being independently controlled. Alternatively, you can sync all instances of the PhotoStage to one control box or HUD.
  • Save settings. Allows you to save any configuration of backdrop, lights, effects and gaze points, which can be retrieved at any time to easily re-create your settings.
  • Security settings. Both PhotoStage and PhotoStand can be easily customized to permit usage by only the owner, by a specified group, or by all users.
  • Lifetime Updates.

Price: 1750L

For more on PhotoStage pricing, please click here.

You can purchase PhotoStage inworld at AMS @ Lady Vale (Lady Vale 105, 241, 402) or on SL Marketplace. For a video demo of what the PhotoStage can do, please click the image below:

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  • 1. “Miss Payton” by Anessa Stine « Serenity Mercier  |  18 February 2008 at 9:44 pm

    […] can find out more about the amazing PhotoStage at the AMS website or by watching my “guided tour” video. Inworld, please visit our […]

  • 2. Keri Reyes  |  26 February 2008 at 6:48 pm

    This is without a doubt one of the best systems I’ve purchased in Second Life. The menus and HUD are very user friendly and the manual answers almost any question you could have. The creator was also approachable, helpful and very patient. A technical issue after purchase was dealt with quickly and the system is now perfect for my needs. I highly recommend the company and the products.

  • 3. Beaz Kondor  |  24 June 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Is the Photostage and Hud Control box Transfer so that it might be purchased as a gift?

  • 4. Anna Tretiak  |  24 June 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Beaz: no, PhotoStage is copy, no-transfer. If you would like to give it as a gift, I suggest you buy it from OnRez ( or SLExchange ( If none of these online stores is convenient for you, please let us know by writing to and we will organise it for you.

    — Anna

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  • 6. gracewinnfield  |  11 July 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Does the stage allow me to add my own background textures? Can I use my current pose stand… if not does this one allow addition of poses? Does it rotate?, does it hide, go to next, back and rotate with text commands? How does it fare in the new windlight viewer?? How many prims is it? These are serious questions.. i am very interested. Thanks a ton!

  • 7. Serenity Mercier  |  11 July 2008 at 11:58 pm


    Thanks for you interest in the PhotoStage. To answer your questions:

    Yes, the PhotoStage does allow you to add your own background textures

    Yes, you can use your current pose stand if you prefer. The PhotoStand does allow you to add your own poses, and it is also copy, so you can rez more than one stand and load different poses into each one (helpful if you have a lot of poses and don’t want to pile them all into one stand).

    The PhotoStand has a simple to use, yet sophisticated rotation system that allows you to rotate in both directions by increments of 5, 30, and 90 degrees. The PhotoStand also has a Hide/Show toggle button, so you can make it appear or disappear as needed. The stand does allow you to cycle through your poses, moving backward or forward by one, five, ten or twenty poses at a time. The PhotoStand will operate with Chat (or text) commands.

    The PhotoStage functions very effectively in the windlight viewer. Some fine-tuning and adjustments were made in the latest version to optimize the system for windlight. It comprises 7 prims (backdrop) + 1 prim (control box) + however many lights, effects generators or gaze points you might rez (up to 6 each for a total of 18 if you rezzed every single item – a relatively unlikely scenario unless you’re doing a big group shot). The PhotoStand has a total of 3 prims. So, altogether, if you rezzed absolutely everything, you’d be looking at a total of 29 prims. A more usual scenario would be around 16 to 17 prims: backdrop (7) control box (1) stand (3) three lights (3) two effects generators (2) and one gaze point (1).

    I hope that answers all your questions.


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