PhotoStand II

PhotoStand II is an advanced modelling stand for Second LifeTM photography. Designed to work effectively with PhotoSpinPhotoStage and PhotoLite, it can also be used in any photographic setup requiring a pose stand.

For instructions on how to operate the PhotoStand II, please see the PhotoStand II User’s Manual.

PhotoStand II Pro includes:

  • pose menu: provides easy navigation of poses
  • 60 preloaded poses: includes exlusive poses from Helianthus Mesmer of :::sunflower poses:::, Myllie Writer of Persona and Kali Mead, plus you can easily add your own poses
  • PhotoStand II HUD: puts all PhotoStand’s controls in one place for versatile operation of poses, rotation, hide/show, and pinning
  • spin controls: provide continuous spin rotation in either direction, with three speeds and stop
  • turn controls: provide incremental rotation in 5, 30 and 90 degree increments
  • rotation pinning: unique pinning system allows you to set the stand’s base rotation point
  • flexible control: operate using your choice of easy to use menu, HUD or chat commands
  • hide/show: allows you to hide the stand when you’re ready to shoot
  • copiable: rez as many stands as you need and organize your poses using different stands
  • mulitple channels: control mulitiple stands independently by assigning distinct chat channels to each stand
  • low prim count: 3 prims
  • security settings: easily customized to permit use by only the owner, by a specified group, or by all users

Price: 290L

Note: PhotoStand II Pro can be purchased separately, and also comes packaged with PhotoSpinPhotoStage, PhotoLite, and PhotoTools Pro.

You will find PhotoStand II Basic, PhotoStand II HUD, and PhotoStand II Pro inworld at one of our stores: AMS @ Lady Vale (Lady Vale 112, 240, 301) or AMS @ Smaug (Smaug 220,232, 33). You can also purchase PhotoStand II Pro on SL Marketplace.

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