PhotoStage Pro User’s Manual 1: Setup and Menus


Chat Interface


As an owner of PhotoStage Pro, you are entitled to free minor version updates. Every time the current version of PhotoStage Pro is updated, you will receive the update for free. PhotoStage Pro checks for updates every time it is reset, and you can make it check for updates manually by using the Update button in the Options menu (see Options above). Please note that beta or demonstration versions of PhotoStage Pro do not qualify for lifetime updates.

Please consider joining the Ananké Media Systems User Group to keep up to date about new developments and other information related to PhotoStage Pro and other AMS products. Find this group using the Second Life Search. Under the Groups tab, enter “Ananke Media Systems User Group” (without the quotes), hit Enter, select the group in the list and click Join. Please make sure that you understand and agree with the group charter before you join.

The Ananké Media Systems website and blog is also a good source of information and support. Please visit us at and feel free to leave your comments.

You are also welcome to send feedback about PhotoStage Pro by sending an email to

Thanks for using PhotoStage Pro!

Introduction & Quick Start

Setting Up PhotoStage Pro

Main Menu and Options


Green Screen

Organizing Textures




Easy Touch

Saving Configurations



Usage Agreement

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