PhotoStage Pro User’s Manual 1: Setup and Menus


Chat Interface


The Backdrop menu buttons provide access to the following operations:

  • Textures >> – select Texture Groups and Textures
  • Colours >> – change backdrop colour
  • Appearance >> – change brightness, glow, tile and green screen settings
  • << Main – return to the Main menu

Backdrop: Texture Groups

The Texture Groups menu contains the following buttons:

  • [Texture Groups] – textures are organized into groups (eg. Grid, LeeZu!, Nikolaidis, OzzLarsson, etc). Select the texture group containing the textures you want to use.
  • Next/Previous – goes to next or previous page of Texture Groups (if more than one page is available)
  • Appearance – opens Appearance menu (see below)
  • << Backdrop – returns to the Backdrop menu.

Backdrop: Textures

The Textures menu lists all the textures held within a Texture Group, and contains the following buttons:

  • [Textures] – click on the texture you want from the list to load it onto the backdrop
  • Appearance – opens the Appearance menu (see below)
  • Next/Previous – goes to the next or previous page of textures within the group (when more than one page is available)
  • << Groups – goes to the Texture Groups menu

When you apply a texture to the backdrop, PhotoStage Pro displays the name of the texture on your chat channel, as well as on the PhotoStage Pro HUD.

To add or remove textures, to organize textures into groups, and to provide names for textures please see the section on Organizing Textures below.

By default, the Backdrop colour is set to white to show the true colours of the textures. You can alter the colour of the texture by using the Colour menu.

Backdrop: Colours

You can apply any colour to the PhotoStage Pro Backdrop. You can choose from a number of predefined colours, or select your own using the custom colour feature. The Backdrop Colours menu contains the following buttons:

  • Colour buttons (Dark Red, Light Red, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Black, White, Dark Grey and Light Grey) – click to apply the colour to the backdrop
  • Custom >> – accesses the backdrop custom colour menu (see next section)
  • << Backdrop – returns to the Backdrop menu

Note: if a texture has been applied to the backdrop, it will be tinted with the selected colour. To display the true colours of a texture, select white as the base colour.

Backdrop: Custom Colours

Custom colours can be obtained by mixing different amounts of red, green and blue (RGB). You can increase or decrease the RGB in 20%, 5% or 1% steps. The backdrop custom colour menu contains the following buttons:

  • Percentage buttons (20 %, 5 %, 1 %) – selects the amount to increase or decrease each RGB colour
  • Red – and Red + – decreases or increases the amount of red in the current colour by the selected percentage
  • Green – and Green + – decreases or increases the amount of green in the current colour by the selected percentage
  • Blue – and Blue + – decreases or increases the amount of blue in the current colour by the selected percentage
  • << Colours – returns to the Backdrop Colours menu

Note: as you increase or decrease the RGB values, PhotoStage Pro will display the current colour values on your chat channel.

Backdrop: Appearance

The Appearance menu contains the following buttons:

  • Full – makes the backdrop full bright. The effects of lights will not be shown on the backdrop
  • Normal – makes the backdrop normal bright. The backdrop will show the effects of lights
  • Glow – and Glow + – decreases or increases the backdrop’s glow intensity
  • Tile – and Tile + – decreases or increases the tile factor. Note: textures need to be seamless to tile successfully. Use the 0 tile setting to place a single texture across the entire backdrop.
  • Green Screen – provides a green screen by making the backdrop pure green (RGB 0,1,0). Used with the Restore button, this simplifies separating the foreground subject and the backdrop into layers in PhotoShop, making it possible to apply effects, add shadows, etc. See below for more information on the Green Screen feature
  • Restore – restores the backdrop settings in use immediately prior to clicking the Green Screen button. Allows you to toggle between green screen and backdrop settings with ease.
  • No Texture – removes the backdrop texture. The backdrop will show a flat colour with no texture applied.
  • << Backdrop – goes to Backdrop menu
  • << Groups – goes to Texture Groups menu
  • << Back – returns to previously viewed menu


Introduction & Quick Start

Setting Up PhotoStage Pro

Main Menu and Options


Green Screen

Organizing Textures




Easy Touch

Saving Configurations



Usage Agreement

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