PhotoStage Pro User’s Manual 2: HUD

PhotoStage Pro Version 3.0

Ananké Media Systems

November 2011

Setup and Menus

Chat Interface


The HUD is the primary control device for PhotoStage Pro and provides immediate access to all the most used operations.

The HUD is very easy to use. With the Quick Start guide, you can start using the HUD in just a few minutes. For more detailed instructions, consult the relevant sections below.

  1. HUD Introduction
  2. HUD Quick Start
  3. Setting Up the HUD
  4. Using the HUD
  5. Backdrop: Texture, Green Screen & Colour
  6. Tools: Lights, Effects & Gazers
  7. Tools: Position & Colour

Please be sure to study the Setup and Menus User’s Manual as well, since there are several very useful and helpful features in PhotoStage Pro that are only available via the menus, such as Options, Saving Configurations, and Settings.

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