PhotoStage Pro User’s Manual 2: HUD

Setup and Menus

Chat Interface

Setting Up the HUD

Follow these steps to set up the HUD:

  1. The PhotoStage Pro Backdrop and Control Box must be correctly rezzed inworld before attempting to use the HUD. The HUD communicates all commands via the Control Box. It is not a stand-alone device.
  2. Locate the HUD in your inventory. It will be in the same PhotoStage Pro folder as the Backdrop and the Control Box. You can also use Options >> Get HUD to have one delivered to your inventory.
  3. Right-click the HUD and select Wear. The HUD will attach to the Center HUD slot by default. If you want to change this, right-click the HUD in your inventory and select Attach to HUD (rather than Wear) and then select your desired HUD slot.
  4. By default, the Tools face appears when you first attach the HUD. Click the Backdrop or Tools buttons at the top of the HUD to switch between the Backdrop or Tools faces.
  5. To minimize or maximize the HUD, click the PhotoStage Pro logo at the top of the HUD.
  6. If necessary, you can adjust the position of the HUD on your screen. By default, the HUD appears towards the left-hand side of the screen, but you can change this. Right-click any solid area of the HUD (for example, the PhotoStage Pro logo) and select Edit from the popup menu. Use the green and blue arrows to move the HUD to your preferred spot on screen. If you can’t see the HUD, rotate the mouse wheel towards you while in Edit mode to display off-screen objects.
  7. To detach the HUD, right-click on a solid area of the HUD and select Detach. Alternatively, you can locate the HUD in your inventory, right-click it and select Detach.

Note: you need to be within 50 meters of the Control Box to use the HUD. Beyond this distance, the HUD will not communicate with PhotoStage Pro.

Important: Anyone with appropriate access permissions can have a HUD delivered to them by clicking the Control Box and selecting Options >> Get HUD. For instructions on how to set the access permissions for your PhotoStage Pro, please see the Settings section in the Setup and Menus User’s Manual.

HUD Introduction

HUD Quick Start

Setting Up the HUD

Using the HUD

Backdrop: Texture, Green Screen & Colour

Tools: Lights, Effects & Gazers

Tools: Position & Colour

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