PhotoStage Pro User’s Manual 2: HUD

Setup and Menus

Chat Interface

Using the HUD

The HUD has two faces: Backdrop and Tools. Click the Backdrop or Tools buttons at the top of the HUD to switch between them.

The Backdrop face has all the controls needed to apply Textures and Colours to the backdrop.

click image for larger view

The Tools face has all the controls needed to operate Lights, Effects and Gazers.

click image for larger view

To minimize or maximize the HUD, click the top PhotoStage Pro logo panel.

Use the two square buttons on the PhotoStage Pro logo panel to hide or show the Control Box. Use the grey button to make the Control Box invisible. Use the red button to make it visible.

This feature allows you to position the Control Box conveniently for ease of access while setting up your shots, and then hide it when it’s time to start shooting.


HUD Introduction

HUD Quick Start

Setting Up the HUD

Using the HUD

Backdrop: Texture, Green Screen & Colour

Tools: Lights, Effects & Gazers

Tools: Position & Colour

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