PhotoSpin Pro User’s Manual 1: Setup and Menus


Chat Interface

Easy Touch

The Easy Touch feature provides a quick way to access the menus for the backdrop, lights, effects and gazers in PhotoSpin Pro. Once any of these elements has been rezzed, you can simply touch (left-click) an element to open the menu for that item. Navigating menus via the Control Box can become tedious, so Easy Touch greatly facilitates the ease and flexibility of operating PhotoSpin Pro.

To use the Easy Touch feature, simply touch (left-click) the backdrop or any rezzed light, effects generator or gazer. The menu for the touched element will instantly appear.

You can open multiple menus if you wish. Each new menu will appear over top of any pre-existing menus. For this reason, it’s best to close each menu once you’ve finished making adjustments (click the “Ignore” button to close a menu). Otherwise, a large number of menus may start to accumulate on your viewer.

Once you’ve opened a menu, you can use it to navigate to all the other menus for PhotoSpin Pro operations as well. Of course, the Control Sphere is still the best point for accessing the Main Menu.

XYZ Coordinates

Arrows displaying XYZ coordinates are available on each light globe, effect generator or gazer. The XYZ coordinates can be a helpful guide when positioning an element. To display the arrows, simply touch (left-click) the light globe, effect generator or gazer and hold for 1.5 seconds, then release. Arrows showing the X (red) Y (green) and Z (blue) axes will appear when you release the mouse button. To toggle the XYZ arrows off, touch and hold on the light, generator or gazer for 1.5 seconds, then release. The XYZ arrows will disappear.

Note: You can set permission for who can access the menus of your PhotoSpin Pro via the Easy Touch feature by setting the UsersAllowed to Owner, Group, or All. Please see the Settings section for instructions on setting UsersAllowed for PhotoSpin Pro.

Introduction & Quick Start

Setting Up PhotoSpin Pro

Main Menu and Options


Green Screen

Organizing Textures




Easy Touch

Saving Configurations



Usage Agreement

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