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PhotoSpin Pro comes equipped with six effect generators which can produce various visual effects, and add a nice touch to some photos. The Effects menu contains the following buttons:

  • Generator buttons (1 to 6) – accesses the menu for operating the selected effect generator
  • Show All – shows all rezzed effect generators
  • Hide All – hides all rezzed effect generators
  • On All – switches on all rezzed effect generators
  • Off All – switches off all rezzed effect generators
  • Delete All – deletes all rezzed effect generators
  • << Main –  returns to the Main menu

Initially, no effects generators appear when you rez PhotoSpin Pro. The first thing you need to do to work with one is create it. Once created, you can select the type of effect you want, change its position, colour and other properties. The Effects menu always displays the number of the generator currently being operated on (Generator 1 to Generator 6) at the top.

Once rezzed inworld, you can access an effect generator’s menu directly by using the *Easy Touch* feature: simply touch (left-click) the effect generator and the corresponding menu will appear.

Effects: Gen 1 – 6

The menu for each effect generator includes the following buttons:

  • Create/Delete – click to create the effect generator. An inactive generator will rez, and the button will toggle to “Delete”. Click this button again to delete the generator, and the button will toggle to “Create”.
  • Show/Hide – shows or hides the selected generator, and toggles between “Hide” or “Show” depending on the visibility status of the generator. When you hide a generator, it keeps working but you cannot see it.
  • On/Off – switches the selected generator on or off, and toggles between “Off” or “On” depending on the status of the generator. When you switch off a generator, it stays visible but it does not produce any effect.
  • Position >> – accesses the Generator Position menu (see next section).
  • Glow – makes the generator produce glowing spheres.
  • Fog – makes the generator produce fog.
  • Smoke – makes the generator produce smoke.
  • Snow – makes the generator produce snow.
  • Props >> – accesses the Generator Properties menu (see below).
  • << Effects – returns to the main Effects menu

Note: if you attempt to operate on a effect generator that has not been created (for example, you click Generator 3 on the menu and then go to change its position or colour), the generator will be created automatically.

Effects: Position

PhotoSpin Pro uses the XYZ coordinates to position the generators. You can increase or decrease the distance the generator moves in 1, 0.25 or 0.05 meter steps. The Generator Position menu contains the following buttons:

  • Distance buttons (1 m, 0.25 m, 0.05 m) – sets the distance the selected generator will move along any axis
  • X – and X + – decreases or increases the X coordinate of the generator by the selected distance
  • Y – and Y + – decreases or increases the Y coordinate of the generator by the selected distance
  • Z – and Z + – decreases or increases the Z coordinate of the generator by the selected distance
  • Centre – moves the generator to the default centre position
  • Model >> – accesses the Model menu, which works the same as that of lights (see above)
  • << Generator – returns to the Effect generator menu window

You can click a rezzed generator at any time to display its XYZ coordinate axes pointing in the X +, Y + and Z + directions. This can be a helpful guide when positioning the generator. To display the XYZ axes, simply touch (left-click) the generator and hold for 1.5 seconds, then release. The XYZ axes will appear. To toggle the XYZ axes off, touch the generator and hold for 1.5 seconds, then release. The XYZ axes will disappear.

Effects: Properties (Props)

Depending on the type of effect assigned to a generator, you can change various properties that control how the effect is produced. The Effect Generator Properties menu may contain combinations of the following buttons:

  • Density – and Density + – decreases or increases the density of the effect
  • Colours >> – accesses the Effect Colours menu, which works the same as that of light colours, including the use of custom colours (see above)
  • << Generator – returns to the Effect generator menu


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