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Green Screen

The Green Screen feature in PhotoSpin Pro provides an efficient method for placing a green screen on the backdrop, and then restoring the previously used texture and settings. If you work in Photoshop, this greatly simplifies the task of creating separate layers for the foreground subject and the background in order to make adjustments or apply effects such as shadows.

To use the Green Screen feature:

  1. Click the Green Screen button (green rectangle) to load a green screen on the backdrop.
  2. Click the Active Texture button (bottom center of the Texture Panel) to restore the previously used texture and settings. PhotoSpin Pro retains in memory the previously used texture as well as any tile, brightness, glow, and colour settings, and restores all of these on the backdrop.

If desired, you can change the colour of the Green Screen (for example, to use a blue screen instead):

  1. Edit the PhotoSpin Pro Backdrop, and open the Content tab.
  2. Locate the notecard labelled #GreenScreenColour=<0,1,0>
  3. Right-click the notecard and select Rename from the popup menu.
  4. Type the new RGB values needed; for example, <0,0,1> for a blue screen.
  5. Do not change or delete any text other than the RGB values. Doing so will cause the PhotoSpin Pro to malfunction.
  6. Press Enter to save the new setting, and close the Edit window.
  7. When you click the Green Screen button, the new colour values will be applied to the backdrop.

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Setting Up PhotoSpin Pro

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Green Screen

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