PhotoSpin Pro User’s Manual 1: Setup and Menus


Chat Interface

Setting Up PhotoSpin Pro

PhotoSpin comes packaged in a box. Rez the box inworld, right-click it, select Open, and copy the contents to your inventory. Locate the PhotoSpin folder in your inventory. Inside the folder you will find the following items:

  • PhotoSpin Pro Backdrop
  • PhotoSpin Pro Control Sphere
  • PhotoSpin Pro HUD
  • PhotoSpin Pro Quick Start Guide
  • Read Me (release notes)

To set up your PhotoSpin Pro, first rez the Backdrop in an appropriate place, and then rez the PhotoSpin Pro Control Sphere nearby. You must place the Control Sphere within 20 metres of the Backdrop or it will not work. You should see the message “Backdrop detected” if the Backdrop has been properly linked. If you receive a message from the Control Sphere saying that it could not detect the Backdrop, please move the Sphere closer to the Backdrop, and wait a few seconds for the Sphere to detect it.

Once you have rezzed PhotoSpin inworld, you can customise the Users Allowed, Channel and Chat Channel by changing the settings. Please see the Settings section for instructions.

Important: when positioning your PhotoSpin Pro backdrop, be very careful to ensure that all the prims are linked before moving it. Right-click the backdrop, select Edit, and make sure the ‘Edit linked parts’ box is unchecked. The various prims that make up the backdrop are precisely aligned. If you move a single prim even slightly, the backdrop will not operate properly. If this happens, simply delete the damaged backdrop, and rez a new one from your inventory.

Setting up Multiple Instances of PhotoSpin Pro

The PhotoSpin Pro Backdrop and Control Sphere are copiable, so you can set up multiple instances of PhotoSpin Pro close to each other if you desire. There are two ways to do this. You can set up multiple backdrops all controlled by a single control sphere, or you can have each backdrop separately controlled by its own control sphere.

Multiple Backdrops Linked to a Single Control Sphere*

To control multiple backdrops from a single control sphere:

  • Rez a control sphere
  • Rez the backdrops you need within 50 meters of control sphere
  • Choose one backdrop to be the “master” (usually the one closest to the control sphere)
  • You do not need to make any changes to the “master” backdrop, but you will need to link the “slave” backdrops as follows:
  • Right-click the backdrop and choose Edit (the Edit window will open)
  • Go to the Contents tab
  • Right-click the Notecard named “#Channel=1” and choose Rename
  • Rename the notecard as “#Channel=1,link” (be sure to include the comma, and be careful not to add any spaces)
  • After renaming the notecard for each “slave” backdrop, the backdrop will reset and reload textures. We recommend allowing this process to complete for each backdrop before moving on to edit the next one.
  • After linking the “slave” backdrops, you will be able to control all the backdrops using one control sphere.

*Available starting with PhotoSpin Pro version 3.1

Multiple Backdrops Linked to Individual Control Spheres

To control multiple backdrops separately, rez a control sphere for each backdrop, and set each combination to use a different channel. Please see the Settings section for instructions on how to set channels. You can rez up to nine separate PhotoSpin Pro studios in close proximity, provided you set each one to a different channel.

Note: the PhotoSpin Pro HUD also carries a channel setting. If you change the channel in the Backdrop and Control Sphere, you will also need to change the channel in the HUD.  For instructions, please see Channel in the Settings section on page 12 of this Manual.

Introduction & Quick Start

Setting Up PhotoSpin Pro

Main Menu and Options


Green Screen

Organizing Textures




Easy Touch

Saving Configurations



Usage Agreement

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