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Advertising campaign on M2

We have just started an advertising campaign on Metaverse Messenger. Look at page 11 in the 03/25 issue for a gorgeous photo of our own Serenity Mercier shot by yours truly using a PhotoStage and lightly post-processed by top artist Bella March.

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Free Animah poses available now

The gift certificate notecard to obtain six free Animah poses is available now when you buy or update any of our products containing PhotoStand, and will be available until 15 May.

Get your PhotoStage, PhotoLite or PhotoTools Pro at our demo site in Lady Vale (112, 225, 301), OnRez or SLExchange, and enjoy your favourite poses from Animah!

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Free Animah poses with PhotoStand

We have just closed a deal with Animah, the renowned pose makers, by which anybody who buys or updates any of our products that include PhotoStand between 15 March and 15 May 2008 will be entitled to six free poses to choose from Animah’s huge collection.

Animah Logo

How does it work? You will find an Animah gift certificate notecard inside your product package between the above stated dates. You need to go to the Animah store, select your favourite six poses, write their names on that notecard, and send it back to Animah. They will dispatch your poses of choice as soon as possible. Please see the notecard in the product package for details.

Remember that PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoTools Pro all include PhotoStand. Buying or updating any of these between 15 March and 15 May will give you six wonderful poses from top pose makers Animah.


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Backdrop texture tiling in PhotoStage

One feature that has been missing from PhotoStage, and which users have been asking for since January, is the option to change the tiling factor of textures on the backdrop. The current version of PhotoStage lets you apply a texture on the backdrop, but there is no way to make it cover the backdrop in larger or smaller tiles.

The good news is that we have just implemented that feature. Starting with the next update, you will be able to change the tile factor using the menus, HUD or chat interface.

Your feedback is welcome.

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Kali Meads poses for PhotoStand

Enterprising designer and artist Kali Meads has agreed to let us include her seven exclusively designed poses as part of PhotoStand. Yes, the same poses that we were featuring at the PhotoStage Launch Event. We believe they are fresh and unique designs, departing from the usual modelling poses that we see everywhere today.

We will distribute these poses with the next release of our products. Thank you, Kali.

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