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3.1 Update Released

Ananké Media Systems announces the release of the 3.1 update for PhotoStage Pro and PhotoSpin Pro. This update introduces the ability to link multiple backdrops to a single control box (PhotoStage Pro) or control sphere (PhotoSpin Pro).

Multiple 02

You can now position several PhotoStage Pro backdrops side by side and sync them together to create a more extensive canvas.

Multiple 01

Or rez several PhotoSpin Pro backdrops to create eye-catching displays.

SL10B Display 01

The 3.1 update also introduces the ability to resize the PhotoSpin backdrop to the maximum 64 metre prim limit. (Yes, that’s me in the center!)

Max Resize 02

Yet more innovations that make PhotoStage Pro  and PhotoSpin Pro truly exceptional and versatile photographic systems. To purchase, visit Ananké Media Systems inworld or the SL Marketplace.

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Introducing PhotoSpin Pro and PhotoStage Pro

Ananké Media Systems proudly introduces a new generation of photo studios: PhotoSpin Pro and PhotoStage Pro.

Designed for serious virtual photography, PhotoSpin Pro and PhotoStage Pro provide unique features such as visual texture display, green screen, and backdrop restore.

Unequaled by any other photographic system on the grid, PhotoSpin Pro and PhotoStage Pro give you the tools to focus on what matters: your photograph.

To preview or purchase, please visit the Ananké Media store in Lady Vale.


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Updates Released

Important updates to PhotoLite, PhotoStage and PhotoSpin have been released.

Version 1.2.2 of PhotoLite and PhotoStage implements the following changes:

  1. Revises internal channel protocols for PhotoLite, PhotoStage and PhotoSpin so that each product now communicates via separate internal channels. This change allows you to rez PhotoLite, PhotoStage or PhotoSpin within close proximity of each other without causing conflicts between products when controlling lights, effects, gazers or backdrops. (Formerly, you would have had to set each product to different channels to avoid conflicts. This is no longer required. However, if rezzing multiple instances of the same product, you will still need to set each instance to it’s own channel, as usual. See Settings in the User’s Manuals for details.)
  2. Changes the term “gaze point” to “gazer” on all relevant components (menus, HUD, gazers) for PhotoLite and PhotoStage.
  3. Resets the default rez points for lights, effects and gazers, so that each type now rezzes at a different vertical position.
  4. Refreshes the appearance of the HUD with new panel backgrounds and top logo.

Version 1.2.1 of PhotoSpin implements the following changes:

  1. Revises internal channel protocols (see above).
  2. Improves update functionality.

To update your product, please click on the Control Box or Sphere to open the Main Menu, select Options, and then click Update. The new version for your product should arrive within a few moments. If you have any questions, please contact Serenity Mercier inworld via IM or notecard, or by email

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Latest Update Includes PhotoStand II

The latest update for PhotoLitePhotoStage and PhotoTools Pro has just been released. The new version 1.1.5 includes the redesigned PhotoStand II.

PhotoStand II Vendor Image 02 blog

PhotoStand II comes loaded with features that make it a breeze to find the perfect camera angle, including nifty spin controls that let you spin your model continuously in either direction, using three different speed settings. The newly added HUD makes controlling the PhotoStand II quick and easy.

 Sunflower Poses 2 web

Also included are a set of eight new poses designed exclusively for AMS by Helianthus Mesmer of :::sunflower poses::: 



Sunflower Poses 1 web

 The new :::sunflower poses::: brilliantly complement the 52 poses from the earlier PhotoStand, including exclusive poses from Myllie Writer and Kali Mead.



Sunflower Poses 3 webBrimming with personality, the :::sunflower poses::: will be a welcome addition to any photographer’s pose library.




PhotoStand II comes packaged with the much praised PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoTools Pro, or you can purchase it separately for 490L. If you already own PhotoStage, PhotoLite or PhotoTools Pro, just go to your Options menu and click Update (Main> Options> Update). The latest version will be sent to you within minutes.

For all the details on PhotoStand II, please visit the product homepage.

You can also try out a demo of the new PhotoStand II at any one of the AMS stores: the AMS Store in Lady Vale, the AMS PhotoStage Store at LeeZu! , or upstairs at LionSkins.

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AMS Opens New Store

Ananke Media Systems (AMS) is delighted to announce the opening of a new AMS store at the prestigious To the Nines sim, next door to LeeZu! 


Just up the hill to the south of LeeZu! the spacious new AMS store carries the latest version of the AMS PhotoStage, 1.1.4, which features 15 new LeeZu! textures designed exclusively for PhotoStage by LeeZu Baxter, one of Second Life’s foremost fashion designers . You can preview these exciting new textures in the demo backdrops available at the store.


The new AMS store also provides demo models of the newly updated AMS PhotoLite and the AMS PhotoStand, stuffed full of exclusive poses from Myllie Writer of Persona, Kali Meads and others.


Drop by the new AMS store soon to have a look at our new digs, and try out the grid’s finest photographic tools, all optimized for Windlight and specially designed for photography in Second Life.


Of course, you can still try out PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoStand at the newly redesigned AMS store in Lady Vale.


More news on the latest updates coming soon!

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AMS opens store at Metro Models

Ananke Media Systems announces the opening of a second PhotoStage display site in the new store at Metro Models. AMS is delighted to be the first company chosen by the Metro Models Agency to set up shop in their glamorous new headquarters. Agency Director Alaska Metropolitan has been a strong supporter of AMS from the beginning, participating in the beta testing of the PhotoStage and serving as one of the judges for the photo contest at our original Launch Event at Princeton University’s Alexander Beach sim.

At the new Metro Models store customers can try out a demo of the PhotoStage, and purchase all three AMS products:  PhotoStage, PhotoLite, and PhotoTools Pro.

For more information about Metro Models, please be sure to visit the Metro Models website.

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New Look, New Horizons

Welcome to the new look for the AMS website.

As announced in her recent post, Anna Tretiak has decided to leave AMS in order to pursue other RL interests. Her departure is amicable, yet necessary, and I’m sure all of you who know her in Second Life will join with me in wishing her the very best in her future endeavours.

While Anna’s involvement in the company will be missed, it would be wrong to think AMS is now under new management. Anna and I created our business together and I have been actively engaged in its operations from the very beginning. Please be assured that AMS will continue to provide high quality products and excellent customer service.

I hope you will like the fresh look of the new design scheme. All of the content from the old website is still here, and I will be continuing to update with new notices and information on a regular basis.

Serenity Mercier

Anna, Cantlos Point, 2 October 2007

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