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PhotoLite at the wheat fields

The other day I took PhotoLite for a tour at the Dreamworld North sim. Yes, where the beautiful wheat fields are. I wanted to try lighting on the fields themselves rather than the usual model or prop. Here are the results.


I wanted the grass to shine; you may be able to see some coloured hues on the distance. I used five lights with different colours in the yellow-orange range for these photos. The PhotoLite control box was sitting to the left, out of frame.

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Rotation pinning on new PhotoStand

You would think that a pose stand is something very simple: you sit on it, move forward and backwards through the list of poses, and little else. Most nice stands also incorporate a rotation feature, so you can adjust the angle of the model on the stand as necessary. And that’s about it, most of the time.

However, some situations require more. Imagine that you are using your run-of-the-mill pose stand at your studio, where you also probably have a backdrop and some other elements and tools. Most likely, you want your models facing you, the photographer, most of the time. For some of the poses, you may want to rotate the stand to one side or the other in search of that perfect angle; you may even rotate it 180 degrees for a back shot. In any case, the “default” position of the stand, the most common one, should be facing you. Bear with me.


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Carine photoshoot

The other day Carine came by and asked me to take a few photos of her. These are some samples.

Carine 7 Carine 8 Carine 34

For the first two I set the PhotoStage backdrop to black, placed a warming light to her right and a white filling light to her left and above. Then I set up an effects generator to coloured fog. For the third picture I used a wood texture for the backdrop and a third soft light placed near Carine’s feet to avoid deep shadows under her chin.

I shot at 2880 x 1700 (twice my screen resolution). The photos here are resized to 25% of their original size, and compressed as JPGs.

Thanks, Carine, for letting me show these pics here!

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