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AMS @ Focus Photography Fair

Ananké Media Systems is participating in the first-ever Focus Photography Fair hosted by Focus Magazine. Please visit our display booth for exciting discounts on PhotoStage Pro, PhotoSpin Pro and the always popular PhotoStand II!

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New AMS Ad

The image in the new AMS ad is exactly what was captured in Second Life using PhotoStage. Apart from cropping, the image has not been photoshopped in any way.

PhotoStage Ad Final Blog

Find out why top Second Life designers LeeZu Baxter of LeeZu! and Lion Jonesford of LionSkins have adopted PhotoStage as their photo studio of choice. Try out PhotoStage and PhotoLite at the the AMS Store in Lady Vale (124, 228, 301), the AMS PhotoStage Store at LeeZu! , or the AMS demo model upstairs at LionSkins.

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AMS PhotoStand adds new exclusive poses from Persona

One of Second Life’s most talented pose-makers, Myllie Writer of Persona has created nine exclusive fashion poses for distribution only with Ananke Media Systems (AMS). The new Persona poses are included in PhotoStand, and have now been released in the latest update (1.1.3) for the AMS PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoTools Pro.

When combined with the PhotoStand’s existing poses, the new Persona poses now provide AMS customers with a total of 52 high quality poses, most only available in the AMS PhotoStand. That’s a L$2600 value – free with the purchase of all AMS products!

PhotoStand allows you to add your own poses and to navigate through them efficiently. The stand also provides precision rotation and alignment. Menu and chat controls make it easy to cycle through poses, and then adjust or fine-tune your model’s position without altering the camera angle.

You can check out the new Persona poses at the AMS Demo Site or the Metro Models store, where you can also purchase your own PhotoStage, PhotoLite or PhotoTools Pro and start taking your Second Life photography to a whole new level today!

Other Credits: (more…)

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Goodbye and good luck

After six months running Ananke Media Systems, I am off. I am leaving the business. My partner Serenity Mercier will be taking over from now on.

Starting up and running AMS has been quite a ride. I have learned a lot, and made some money too. I would like to send a warm thank you to all our customers who have trusted us, and to all others who have liaised with us in so many ways.

For me, this is over. Goodbye. Hugs. Kisses. Some tears. And good luck to Serenity. You be nice to her.

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New vendor at Serene Corner

We have installed an OnRez vendor for AMS products at Serene Corner, the little photography store in Juicy.

Drop by and see the nice pictures.

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Sales trivia

83% of our sales come from female avatars. 17% come from males.

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Advertising campaign on M2

We have just started an advertising campaign on Metaverse Messenger. Look at page 11 in the 03/25 issue for a gorgeous photo of our own Serenity Mercier shot by yours truly using a PhotoStage and lightly post-processed by top artist Bella March.

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I have set up an email address for you to contact us. Please send your emails to Thank you.

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This is my new blog where I will post news, tips and other information about the products and technologies of Ananke Media Systems, my business in Second Life. I am planning to focus on tools for photographers and written media artists, although I may extend to neighbouring areas later.

I hope to launch my first product, PhotoStage, in one week or two at the latest. Stay tuned.

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