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Backdrop texture tiling in PhotoStage

One feature that has been missing from PhotoStage, and which users have been asking for since January, is the option to change the tiling factor of textures on the backdrop. The current version of PhotoStage lets you apply a texture on the backdrop, but there is no way to make it cover the backdrop in larger or smaller tiles.

The good news is that we have just implemented that feature. Starting with the next update, you will be able to change the tile factor using the menus, HUD or chat interface.

Your feedback is welcome.

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Tutorial: Using the PhotoStage backdrop

A few PhotoStage users have suggested that a post series containing short tutorials explaining how to use PhotoStage would be good. I think that’s a great idea, so here I am starting. Most of the material that I will go through can be found in the User’s Manual, so don’t forget that this is a good source of information.

I assume that you know how to touch the control box to obtain the main menu. The control box is that orange cube that comes with the PhotoStage, and which often sits next to the backdrop.

Today I will examine the PhotoStage backdrop, that large curved surface against which you often photograph your model. When you rez (or reset) your PhotoStage, the backdrop is plain grey. You can change three things about it: colour, texture and brightness, which are, precisely, the three options that you see if you click the Backdrop button on the main menu.


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