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Lights under new viewer

It seems that the new Second Life viewer, version 1.19.1 (4), has some quirks about local lights that may affect PhotoStage and PhotoLite. In particular, there are some situations where one or more local lights apparently switch off when other light sources are nearby. This happens, for example, when you are wearing a facelight.

We have observed the following. If you are wearing a facelight and use PhotoStage or PhotoLite to create a light, it rezzes up correctly in an “on” state, but apparently switches off (i.e. it stops illuminating the scene) after one second or so. If you right-click and edit the light object it will switch on again instantly and, in fact, if you look at the Light checkbox in the Features tab of the Edit floater, you will see that it is ticked. However, the light object apparently does not emit any light when it is not being edited.

Evidently, this affects the look of your photos, since lights that are supposed to be “on” do not illuminate the scene as they are supposed to do. The workaround is to avoid wearing any facelights or similar light sources when operating the PhotoStage or PhotoLite.

This seems to be caused by the way in which the new viewer version handles local light precedence, which is different to what previous versions of the viewer used to do. If you have any feedback about this behaviour, please post a comment here. Many thanks.

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Tutorial: Lights and effects basics

In this second tutorials post I explain the basics of lights and effects. This is valid for PhotoStage and PhotoLite as well.

First, some definitions. A light is just an object that emits light. You can have up to six of them with either PhotoStage or PhotoLite. Lights allow you to illuminate your subject using what SL calls “local lighting”, i.e. light cast by prims with the light flag active, as opposed to “environment light” which comes from the sun and moon. As you surely know, light is the essence of a photograph, so a fine control of lights is crucial to achieve great results.


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