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AMS @ Focus Photography Fair

Ananké Media Systems is participating in the first-ever Focus Photography Fair hosted by Focus Magazine. Please visit our display booth for exciting discounts on PhotoStage Pro, PhotoSpin Pro and the always popular PhotoStand II!

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Portrait contest winners announced

The winners of the First Second Life Portrait Contest have been announced on the Koinup blog. Congratulations to Jaxi, Lano and DahniElla for their awesome work.


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Portrait contest is closed

The First Second Life Portrait Contest will close for submissions in a few hours, with roughly 400 entries competing for the prizes. In the next few days the contest jury will pick three winners plus a few runners up. The final decision will be announced on this site, the Koinup web site and the Koinup blog by 16 June.

Stay tuned!

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Portrait contest ending soon

The AMS-sponsored First Second Life Portrait Contest, of which I have already written about, is ending soon. If you haven’t submitted your entries yet, go and do it before 4 June. There are great prizes for the 3 winners, and the runners-up will be mentioned and publicised as well.

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Awesome photos!

Did you see the photos being submitted to the First Second Life Portrait Contest? Amazing shots!

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First Second Life Portrait Contest

Koinup and Ananke Media Systems are proud to announce the First Second Life Portrait Contest.

The contest is restricted to Second Life residents and it is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed. Submissions will start on May 15th and will finish on June 4th.

Keep reading for the details!


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PhotoStage and Koinup

We have reached an agreement with virtual social networking site Koinup to have PhotoStage as the prize of their soon to be launched photo contest.

In case you didn’t know:

Koinup is the first social network to share virtual lives, screenshots, machinima and virtual stories. It allows users to upload, share and review content they create within games, mmorpg, virtual worlds and metaverse. [link]

Stay tuned for the details!

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Delighted at the PhotoStage Launch Event


Serenity and I are delighted at how the PhotoStage Launch Event worked out. The Alexander Beach sim was full 15 minutes before the opening time, and we had to keep upping the avatar limit to let more people in until the alarms began to ring. We peaked at 67 concurrent people, and in total we counted over 85.

PhotoStage Launch Event 4

Serenity’s video left many people impressed, myself among them.

The photo contest judges received 31 submissions, of which they selected Anessa Stine‘s “Miss Payton” as the winner. Congratulations to Anessa, who gets a free PhotoStage, some wall space at Neat Tricks Gallery and a full spread in The Best of SL magazine. Anessa photographed Payton Heron wearing a LeeZu Baxter Designs outfit and using an Animah pose:

Miss Payton by Anessa Stine

We would like to thank all the people who joined us today, and, of course, Princeton University for letting us their venue, probably the finest in the grid. Thanks also to Frolic Mills, who did an excellent job with the event logistics; to our photo contest judges, Alaska Metropolitan, Bella March and Scope Cleaver; to our fantastic models, Babyhoney Bailey, Elisne Allen, Mui Mukerji and Payton Heron; and to our sponsors Animah, Corbing Carling Photography, InStyle Fashion Agency, J&J Photo and Design Studio, Kali Meads Studio, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Maitreya, OPIUM Everyday and Photos by Lolita.

We are exhausted now. I guess we will take it easy for a few days, and then, back to work. We still have lots of new features to incorporate into PhotoStage!

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