PhotoStage 1.1 is out

8 February 2008 at 8:32 pm Leave a comment

PhotoStage 1.1 is available now!

We are so excited about this new version. The major new features are:

  • A HUD makes using the PhotoStage much more enjoyable. You will be able to avoid menus except for a few uncommon commands.
  • Gaze points let your model fix her gaze on an object by “alt-clicking”. You can then move that object to adjust your model’s gaze direction.
  • A “Channel” setting lets you operate up to 9 different PhotoStages from a single Control Box or HUD. This is especially useful if you want to set up multiple PhotoStages side by side.
  • The number of backdrop textures has been increased to 36 (it was 24 before).
  • 13 modelling poses are included with the new PhotoStand.
  • Permissions have been changed from mod, no-copy, transfer into mod, copy, no-transfer.

You can find PhotoStage 1.1 at our usual retail points, including OnRez and SLExchange as well as the AMS Demo Site in Lady Vale.

Remember that you will receive this update automatically and free of charge if you are a current owner of PhotoStage. Just reset it and wait a few seconds.

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