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New updates of PhotoStage and PhotoLite

We have just made available a new version of PhotoStage and PhotoLite, numbered 1.1.1 in both cases.

The major new features in this release are:

  • A chat interface has been added. This means that you can control your PhotoStage or PhotoLite by typing commands on the chat area.
  • The much improved PhotoStand 1.1.0 is included. This new version of PhotoStand features rotation pinning.
  • Technical fix: we have rewritten most of the communications infrastructure in both products, which works around the cause of the dreadful stuck menus effect.

Please see your User’s Manual for detailed instructions on how to use these new features.

If you already own a PhotoStage or PhotoLite, remember that you can obtain this update for free by click Options, then Update from the main menu. As usual, you can buy these products from the Ananke Media Systems demo site in Lady Vale as well as the online stores OnRez and SLExchange.

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Codie’s blogging about PhotoStage

Have a look.

Did you hear? Just buy it! :p

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Stuck menus

A few PhotoStage customers have reported recently that, sometimes, the menus get “stuck” after using them for a while. As documented in our FAQ section, this is often caused by Second Life “eating” or losing one of the messages that the different components of PhotoStage use to communicate with each other. Usually, resetting the scripts in the Control Box solves this (see the FAQ page for step-by-step instructions).

However, we have found two cases in which resetting the scripts in the Control Box did not solve the problem. In those cases, the “stuck menus effect” seemed to happen randomly, not related to lag, but apparently related to a particular sim. We have not been able to reproduce this issue at our headquarters in Lady Vale. In one of these cases, a sim restart solved the problem, but not in the other.

Please notice that the stuck menus effect has never been detected on PhotoLite, but since PhotoLite and PhotoStage use the same communications facilities, we wouldn’t be surprised to find it there as well. Also, please bear in mind that using the HUD does not work around the problem.

At this point we have not been able to diagnose the cause of this problem. Due to the apparent randomness of the effect and the fact that it seems to be related to the Second Life infrastructure (it is sim-dependent), we have decided to rewrite the communications facilities of PhotoStage and release an update as soon as possible. The new communications facilities will be more robust and less dependent on Second Life’s ability to deliver every message.

We will let you know as soon as a fix is available. We are working on it now. In the meantime, please accept our apologies, and please contact us if you observe the stuck menus effect. Your feedback will be useful in heping us diagnose the problem.

Thank you!

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Watch the video!

The awesome video that Serenity Mercier created for the PhotoStage Launch Event is now available from the PhotoStage page, and also at the AMS Demo Site in Lady Vale.

Don’t miss it!

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Delighted at the PhotoStage Launch Event


Serenity and I are delighted at how the PhotoStage Launch Event worked out. The Alexander Beach sim was full 15 minutes before the opening time, and we had to keep upping the avatar limit to let more people in until the alarms began to ring. We peaked at 67 concurrent people, and in total we counted over 85.

PhotoStage Launch Event 4

Serenity’s video left many people impressed, myself among them.

The photo contest judges received 31 submissions, of which they selected Anessa Stine‘s “Miss Payton” as the winner. Congratulations to Anessa, who gets a free PhotoStage, some wall space at Neat Tricks Gallery and a full spread in The Best of SL magazine. Anessa photographed Payton Heron wearing a LeeZu Baxter Designs outfit and using an Animah pose:

Miss Payton by Anessa Stine

We would like to thank all the people who joined us today, and, of course, Princeton University for letting us their venue, probably the finest in the grid. Thanks also to Frolic Mills, who did an excellent job with the event logistics; to our photo contest judges, Alaska Metropolitan, Bella March and Scope Cleaver; to our fantastic models, Babyhoney Bailey, Elisne Allen, Mui Mukerji and Payton Heron; and to our sponsors Animah, Corbing Carling Photography, InStyle Fashion Agency, J&J Photo and Design Studio, Kali Meads Studio, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Maitreya, OPIUM Everyday and Photos by Lolita.

We are exhausted now. I guess we will take it easy for a few days, and then, back to work. We still have lots of new features to incorporate into PhotoStage!

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All ready for PhotoStage Launch Event

All is ready for the PhotoStage Launch Event. We will see you on Sunday 17th February at 12 noon SLT in Alexander Beach!

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PhotoStage launch event

A launch event for PhotoStage will take place in spectacular Alexander Beach on 17 February 2008 at 12 noon SLT.

After a guided tour video we will have a photo contest, during which you will be able to shoot our models and submit your work. The winner will get a fully-functional PhotoStage, some wall space at the unique Neat Tricks Gallery, and a full spread in The Best of SL magazine. Kromus Korobase will put the music.

PhotoStage Launch Event invite


This event is kindly sponsored by Animah, Corbing Carling Photography, InStyle Fashion Agency, J&J Photo and Design Studio, Kali Meads Studio, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Maitreya, OPIUM Everyday and Photos by Lolita. Many thanks to our sponsors for their generous contributions.

Join us there!

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PhotoStage 1.1 is out

PhotoStage 1.1 is available now!

We are so excited about this new version. The major new features are:

  • A HUD makes using the PhotoStage much more enjoyable. You will be able to avoid menus except for a few uncommon commands.
  • Gaze points let your model fix her gaze on an object by “alt-clicking”. You can then move that object to adjust your model’s gaze direction.
  • A “Channel” setting lets you operate up to 9 different PhotoStages from a single Control Box or HUD. This is especially useful if you want to set up multiple PhotoStages side by side.
  • The number of backdrop textures has been increased to 36 (it was 24 before).
  • 13 modelling poses are included with the new PhotoStand.
  • Permissions have been changed from mod, no-copy, transfer into mod, copy, no-transfer.

You can find PhotoStage 1.1 at our usual retail points, including OnRez and SLExchange as well as the AMS Demo Site in Lady Vale.

Remember that you will receive this update automatically and free of charge if you are a current owner of PhotoStage. Just reset it and wait a few seconds.

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No-transfer textures failing to show on the PhotoStage backdrop

We have detected that no-transfer textures fail to show on the PhotoStage backdrop. You can add a no-transfer texture to the backdrop, but when you try to use it by navigating to it using the Previous/Next buttons, the backdrop turns white (or whatever other colour you had it set to) and a script error is shown.

We have traced the cause back to the SVC-368 issue documented in JIRA. It seems that the llSetLinkTexture() function does not work well with no-transfer textures.

The obvious solution is to use transferrable textures with the PhotoStage. We are updating the User’s Manual to reflect this. 

In addition, we will study the feasibility of modifying the PhotoStage backdrops so that they work around the bug. This is not a trivial change to make, and it may take some time. We will announce any progress here. In the meantime, please stick to textures with transfer permissions.

We hope that you understand that this is not an issue with PhotoStage, but a documented error of Second Life.

Oh, and thanks to Corbin Carling for raising this issue with us.

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Photo studio comparison

Dendre Writez writes a very informative review of SL photo studios on the Runway Kidz blog.

I especially like the comparison table at the end of the post. Who wants a market research department with posts like this? :p

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